Find and fix your most maddening bugs

Muse helps you find the most elusive bugs during development, so you can spend your time writing great code, not debugging it.

Meet your new muse

We’re building the code quality platform that helps you write your best code.

Muse uses cool math and a proven integration approach to quickly scan code and find bugs early, so you avoid submitting serious bugs to QA, let alone production.

Powerful and always ready

Muse provides you with deep and accurate program analysis results alongside developer comments and discussion.

It integrates the best in open source and custom static analysis tooling into the DevOps process through Gitlab, Github and Bitbucket to provide impactful results.

Who's Muse?

We’re a team of software developers passionate about the art of writing great code. At our parent company, Galois, we’ve been at the forefront of program analysis and high-assurance software for decades.

With Muse, we’re taking the leap from Galois to launch a new company dedicated to bringing the latest technologies in code reasoning to the world, and help developers write better code forever.

For a sneak peak of what we’re thinking about, watch our CEO’s recent five minute talk on how AI can help us write better code at the DevOps Enterprise Summit.

Launching Muse

We’ve deployed our private beta with our first early adopters, who are actively using Muse and providing feedback. 

In the meantime, we’re building a community of software developers who get energized talking about program analysis and code quality automation.

Join us below to stay updated as we expand our early adopter program and prepare for beta launch.

Let's build Muse together

We’re getting interested developers together to help us build Muse. Please join below to stay updated.

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