Find and fix your most maddening bugs

Muse helps you find and fix your most elusive bugs so you can spend time writing great code, not debugging it.

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Meet Muse

Muse helps you find and fix your most elusive bugs so you can spend time writing great code, not debugging it. Muse looks for a broad range of bug types, making it an ideal all-in-one bug catcher for your entire company. Running at each pull request, Muse delivers results as code review comments so you can fix bugs in minutes. (Yes, really).

Powerful and Customizable

The platform comes preconfigured, but is open and easy to customize so you can personalize it for your repos. Muse understands your whole project and can report even deep inter-procedural bugs that span files.

Using our BYO API, teams can integrate other tools or write their own rulesets for the existing tools. Our pre-configured tools are carefully tuned  to focus on important errors and minimize false positives. But if you’d like a little more noise, you can tune each tool to suit your needs. 


In addition to a growing list of tools, we are excited to integrate three powerful open source tools: Infer and Pyre by Facebook and ErrorProne by Google. 

The Muse Family

We’re a team of software developers passionate about the art of writing great code. At our parent company, Galois, we’ve been at the forefront of program analysis and high-assurance software for decades.

With Muse, we’re taking the leap from Galois to launch a new company dedicated to bringing the latest technologies in code reasoning to the world, and make the art of code analysis more simple and robust for Developers and Security Engineers. 

For a sneak peak of what we’re thinking about, watch our CEO’s recent five minute talk on how AI can help us write better code at the DevOps Enterprise Summit.

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